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Name: ProVanax™
Category: Mood, worry, stress, anxiety, sleep
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I originally formulated ProVanax™ for myself, to help me get to sleep faster & STAY asleep throughout the night. Because of my hectic work schedule and my personality (my mind is always racing), I had difficulty relaxing my body and turning OFF my mind. ProVanax™ worked GREAT and I didn't feel groggy.

I also noticed important side BENEFITS of feeling more confident, happier, less anxiety, worry and "negative thoughts". So I continue to fine-tune & improve the formula and the end result is a scientifically researched solution with a 19 + proven formula that helps optimize Dopamine (associated with pleasure and drive), Serotonin (associated with happiness and well-bing) and Cortisol ("stress" and "aging" hormone).*

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